How can you make the best season even better? By decorating your home with Christmas decorations that set the mood. 

Take a cue from these creative and festive decorating ideas for small and large spaces to get your home into the holiday spirit.

There are 18 Christmas decorating ideas on this list, so you're sure to find one you like - whether you prefer traditional decor or something a little more daring.

You can even shop for craft supplies from dollar store online. We have ideas for trimming your tree when you're ready.

Incorporate Your Artwork

Add ribbons and ornaments to your mantle for a pop of color. For a more understated yet festive look, match your garland accessories to the wall art and decor throughout the space rather than using classic Christmas colors.

Use A Planter As A Stand

Most homeowners think more is better. Try a vintage fish bowl or planter instead of a tree skirt. It will heighten your tree and give you more room to hide Santa's gifts.

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Collect Figurines

Decorate your fireplace with miniature Christmas figurines instead of hanging stockings. You'll eventually have a miniature Christmas village that you can display if you keep collecting miniatures.

Swap Out Planters

A planter in an entryway changes with the seasons. Often, homeowners incorporate moss, princess pine, and berries to make their guests feel like they've been transported to another place. You can do the same to make your home feel new. A dollar discount store can your place to shop your need!

Create Advent Calendar

Use a kitchen garland to make an advent calendar. Fill tins with treats and hang them with ribbons labeled with the day of the month. We like this kind of giving tree.

String Up Bells

It can be challenging to decorate banisters. Try stringing red and white paper bells together with fishing line for a light, airy, and cheerful look.

Stick With Blue & White

Have you always been loyal to your favorite color palette? A room proves that you don't have to give it up for Christmas. Explore your skills and decorate your room with supplies from a dollar store online.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Use objects of different heights to decorate. Hang oversized snowflakes and build up the table with tall candlesticks. Hang an olive branch garland on the mantel.

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Add A Surprising Color

Consider an accent color that will modernize traditional Christmas decor without clashing. A pop of sky blue in the living room decked out for the holidays is sure to catch your attention. Prepare to get compliments from your guests!

Decorate With Sweets

Every inch of this evergreen is covered with edible decorations, including cookies, ribbon candy, gumdrops, and garlands of popcorn and cranberries. Buy candies and more from your nearest dollar discount store!

Color Play

Consider non-traditional colors. Mix metals with retro elements, such as the pair of gold votive lamps, instead of the usual red and green.

Use A Ladder

Hang a DIY Advent calendar on a ladder or the tree instead of opening a flimsy cardboard box. Decorative craft bags conceal treats, toys, and messages from Santa - and you can fill them again next year.

Swap Out Your Tablecloth

Add color and creativity to a white table by draping a plaid blanket over it.

Decorate The Bar

Don't forget to set up a prep bar if you're entertaining this holiday season. You can also add some greenery and a festive candlestick holder to it in addition to the necessary beverage ingredients.

Keep It Neutral

Making a statement doesn't have to be bold. An insanely chic dining room with a simple garland on the mantle.

Try Purple

Even when you're over red, deep purple flowers provide a festive alternative to the color. Make them extra glam by putting them in a silver julep cup.

Choose Colorful Gift Wrap

Just as important as what's on your tree is what's under it. Choose red, white, and blue paper and bows for a classic American theme. Buy colorful gift wraps from a dollar store online.

Fake Your Fireplace

Instead of candles, fill your lanterns with string lights. Making a non-working fireplace feel cozy is a great idea. You can do it in five minutes flat.

Finally, decorating your home for the festivities is easy now with dollar store by your side. You can find all that you need to style up your home.