1. 12 Christmas Crafts To Put You In Holiday Spirit

    In the words of English comedian and actor Stephen Fry, "Christmas is the first horrible reminder that to travel is better than to arrive.

    This feeling is definitely a result of the fun holiday events and crafts that lead up to the big day. Take advantage of the anticipation with some fun, easy Christmas crafts that will put everyone in the holiday spirit. 

    You'll likely find a festive craft on this list that you'll enjoy, from a gold wreath made from metallic paper to mini copper Christmas trees. 

    As a bonus, most of these projects double as stylish Christmas decorations or gifts, so you will also get those tasks done as you work on them. Let's get crafting with dollar store supplies! 

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  2. What you should buy from a dollar store?

    Everybody loves a good bargain and this is where the charm of dollar discount stores lies. You might think that it is filled with junk, but dollar stores offer amazing cheap finds that can help you stay on budget. 

    But, how do you know what is a good deal? To make your trip to the dollar store fruitful, find below a list of items that you should buy which will save you some serious dough. 

    Party supplies

    You can save up to 70% by getting party supplies from a dollar

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  3. How to Be a Smart Dollar Store Shopper Online

    How to Be a Smart Dollar Store Shopper Online How to Be a Smart Dollar Store Shopper Online
    Most of us think of shopping as a fun, enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, not every purchase is satisfying. All of us have experienced that amazing deal that ends up falling apart after a couple of uses. Dollar stores in particular tend to get a bad rap when it comes to poor quality. The truth is, it is important to be a smart shopper and understand where to find the best values. Once you know how to be a smart dollar store shopper online, you will realize that your dollar goes a long way.  

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  4. Buy Dollar Store Items Online

    Buy Dollar Store Items OnlineIf you have never shopped at dollar stores, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Dollar stores such as Dollar King are the best example of one-stop shops. When you buy dollar store items online, you will save time and money on a variety of essential supplies. Why pay more for the exact same product when you can save hundreds of dollars? Let’s take a look at some of the amazing dollar store items online at Dollar-King.net

    Dollar Store Cleaning Supplies

    There are tons of options at Dollar-King.net when it comes to cleaning supplies. Some of these include window cleaners, bathroom cleaners, oven cleaners, glass cleaners, sponges, bleach, and dustpans. S

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