In the words of English comedian and actor Stephen Fry, "Christmas is the first horrible reminder that to travel is better than to arrive.

This feeling is definitely a result of the fun holiday events and crafts that lead up to the big day. Take advantage of the anticipation with some fun, easy Christmas crafts that will put everyone in the holiday spirit. 

You'll likely find a festive craft on this list that you'll enjoy, from a gold wreath made from metallic paper to mini copper Christmas trees. 

As a bonus, most of these projects double as stylish Christmas decorations or gifts, so you will also get those tasks done as you work on them. Let's get crafting with dollar store supplies! 

Paper Honeycomb Trees

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Paper Honeycomb Trees

This paper honeycomb craft is a must-try for fans of paper honeycomb decorations. Sprinkle fairy lights around them for a glowing display, and spray paint them white at the top for a frosted appearance.

Punch Needle Coasters

You can use these coasters to hold your warm cup of coffee or cocoa. And the best part? Make them with this punch needle kit by DIYers on YouTube. You can make anywhere from one to eight coasters featuring a Christmas tree, reindeer, snowflake, gingerbread man, or wreath.

Gold Paper Fern Wreath

It looks like the wreath is made of solid gold, but it's actually made of metallic gold paper, wire, and a grapevine wreath. From any YouTube video, you can learn how to make it.

Sequin Ornaments

Add a few sequin ornaments to your tree this year to make it shine even brighter. The kit from a dollar store comes with a 2-inch Styrofoam ball, pins, beads, two sizes of sequins, and ribbon. You can find tutorials on the brand's Instagram page, but instructions do not come with it.

Christmas Crafts

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Wine Cork Tree

Use a few wine corks to create a mini wine cork Christmas tree if you like to display them in a bowl or other decorative display. Top it off with pom poms and a wooden star. Learn how to make this one by watching online tutorial videos or on YouTube.

Felt Acorns

Want to spruce up your holiday centerpiece or coffee table display? You can easily make these felt acorns with a dollar store kit. This kit includes four colors of wool, 12 natural acorn tops, and an instruction booklet.

Christmas Nativity Scene

Make your Christmas nativity display a little more abstract this year. To set the scene, you can paint wooden blocks and spheres using the kit available online or from reputed dollar stores. It's great for kids and adults alike, and it comes with instructions!

Gingerbread House Advent Calendar

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Gingerbread House Advent Calendar

Make your own advent calendar with supplies from popular dollar stores. The little wooden houses are surprisingly simple to make, and they'll look perfect lining the mantle.

Snowflake Coasters

Your craft cocktails will look even more beautiful when served on these DIY snowflake coasters. Making this with white pipe cleaners couldn't be easier. Watch any tutorial video or DIYer for instructions.

Winter "Bouquet"

There are many Christmas craft ideas in this tablescape. Make a winter "bouquet" like this one with found branches, a spool of beige thread, and white paint. Create stars with pipe cleaners and wooden beads.

Colorful Garland

Cut out some shapes from construction paper in bright, fun colors. Hang them from your garland to add a fresh, personal touch. Tie a ribbon with a matching color around the banister's end.

Jumbo Christmas Lights

Consider making your house extra festive by DIYing some oversized felt Christmas lights like these from the dollar store. You can also use construction paper and cardboard if you have them lying around. If your door is painted a bright color, match some of the lights with it, but keep the rest on-theme for Christmas.

Lastly, these are only a few DIY crafts you can try over the holiday season.