1. 18 Home Decorating Ideas For The Festive Season

    How can you make the best season even better? By decorating your home with Christmas decorations that set the mood. 

    Take a cue from these creative and festive decorating ideas for small and large spaces to get your home into the holiday spirit.

    There are 18 Christmas decorating ideas on this list, so you're sure to find one you like - whether you prefer traditional decor or something a little more daring.

    You can even shop for craft supplies from dollar store online. We have ideas for trimming your tree when you're ready.

    Incorporate Your Artwork

    Add ribbons and ornaments to your mantle for a pop of color. For a more understated yet festive

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  2. 6 Cool And Stylish DIY Beads Jewellery

    With time in hand, what better way to start thinking about creating beautiful beach themed beads jewelry? Dollar stores are among the most popular online bead stores whereby you can buy amazing range of supplies suitable for your project. You can buy your favorite beads and charms and create something new and exciting. Each of the items mentioned below can be used for creating your amazing accessories to fit in every mood. Whether using it yourself or gifting someone, the dollar store jewelry beads are stunners in every sense.

    What Can You Use Beads For?

    You can use beads whichever way you want to. You can create stunning jewelries, home décor items- dream catcher, wind chimes and more. Online bead stores offer you a good variety of beads including glass beads, pearl beads, sequins beads, etc.

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  3. Affordable Wood Letters Dollar Store

    Affordable Wood Letters Dollar StoreWooden letters have become a popular home decor and nursery item in recent years. They are a fun and easy way to personalize a space with a name, word, or initials. In addition, affordable wood letters dollar store are a great way to entertain kids as well. Put your creative side to use by utilizing affordable wood letters dollar store for your next home decor project.

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  4. Buy Craft Rhinestones at the Dollar Store

    Buy Craft Rhinestones at the Dollar StoreRhinestones are very popular when it comes to crafting supplies. They add an instant glamour and sparkle to any decor item. Their versatility is what makes them so popular, because they come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Nevertheless, you may want to think twice before spending tons of money on expensive rhinestones. Save yourself time and money and buy craft rhinestones at the dollar store.

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  5. Buy Craft Mirror Pieces for Less

    Buy Craft Mirror Pieces for LessBuy Craft Mirror Pieces for Less Buy Craft Mirror Pieces for Less
    It can be difficult to come across a great deal when it comes to crafting supplies. Some popular craft retail stores simply charge too much, especially if you are looking to buy in bulk. One hot craft item that can be difficult to find a great deal for is mirror pieces. Mirror pieces can be found in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but it is another story if you want to buy craft mirror pieces for less.
    There is no end to the types of projects mirror pieces can be used for. If you are a teacher, you can use mirror pieces in class to create mosaics and beautiful vases. Craft mirror pieces can also be used to jazz up home decor items such

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  6. Where to Buy Cheap Styrofoam Shapes

    Where to Buy Cheap Styrofoam ShapesStyrofoam shapes are a very hot item when it comes to craft projects. Flower shops use them to create beautiful flower arrangements. Kids use them to create projects about space and the planets. They are also used by art students to learn how to draw 3d shapes properly. Now the only question is, where to buy cheap styrofoam shapes?

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  7. Dollar Store Discount Easter Decor

    Dollar Store Discount Easter Decor Dollar Store Discount Easter Decor
    It can be difficult to decorate for all the holidays and events that are packed in a year. Not only can decorating get expensive, but sometimes you lack the storage space or motivation to put up new decor. After Valentine’s Day, we see Easter decor in stores everywhere. You do not have to forego Easter decor if you are worried about your budget. This is because there is such a thing as dollar store discount Easter decor.
    Unlike holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Easter is a great holiday to get the kids involved. Kids love Easter egg hunts, chocolates, and the colorful vibe of Easter. Some parents feel the need to display Easter decor for this reason only, bec

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  8. The Best Dollar Store Crafts

    The Best Dollar Store Crafts The Best Dollar Store Crafts
    If you are no stranger to Pinterest, you have probably come across a few dollar store craft ideas. It can be easy to be intimidated by projects that utilize expensive materials. You may worry about the outcome of not being perfect while you have already spent hundreds on the materials. If you love crafting but are tight on budget, you need to know about the best dollar store crafts.
    If you don’t want to dive headfirst into expensive craft projects, you can simply mimic the craft using cheaper materials. Who says that the materials need to be pricey? This way, you will not be worried about spending too much on an end result that may not look perfect. In fact, most of the time these kinds of projects a

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