1. Rhinestone Stickers Of All Colors, Shapes, And Sizes

    Dollar store craft items can be hit or miss, because it’s not immediately clear whether you are getting great value for your money. You may think you are getting a great deal because an item is very cheap, but it is also important to take a look at the quality of the item. Dollar store rhinestone stickers are the one of the best types of crafts to purchase at the dollar store. They look great, are cost-effective, and can instantly add a ton of sparkle to any item.

    Dollar store rhinestone stickers are a simple way to jazz up any event or product. You can spell names, greetings, or celebratory phrases for your guests. Dollar King h

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  2. Foam Glitter Alphabet and Number Stickers

    DollarKing.net is always looking to provide the newest and most creative arts and crafts product to our customers. Our latest product is our Foam Alphabet and Number Stickers. These amazing and easy to use foam stickers come in a 6 pk of the letter or number you choose. It is the perfect item to create and poster, menu, or sign you desire. I mean the options and creative ideas are endless with this product.

    DollarKing.net Also has alphabet and numbers in a variety of different materials such as Wood, rhinestones, foam, glitter, glitter foam, and many other materials. You name it, DollarKing.net has it. We have helped thousands of customers bring creative ideas to life with the endless crafts items we have in stock every day for only $1.99. The amazing about DollarKing.net

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