Everybody loves a good bargain and this is where the charm of dollar discount stores lies. You might think that it is filled with junk, but dollar stores offer amazing cheap finds that can help you stay on budget. 

But, how do you know what is a good deal? To make your trip to the dollar store fruitful, find below a list of items that you should buy which will save you some serious dough. 

Party supplies

You can save up to 70% by getting party supplies from a dollar store. Get paper cups and plates, plastic tablecloths, party favors, and streamers to save a lot of money. Don’t forget to get foil balloons too. These party supplies are an absolute bargain and anywhere else you’ll find them for five times more. 

Greeting cards 

Dollar stores stock up on greeting cards for every occasion and every person in your family. Whenever there’s a holiday coming up, you can head to the dollar store near you and get cards to help you celebrate the day. You’ll be paying a dollar or less for greeting cards bought at dollar stores and since they eventually end up in recycling bins, this is a great deal. 

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Wrapping paper, gift bags, and boxes

While you’re at the dollar store getting party supplies, look for wrapping paper and gift bags as well. At other stores, you might end up paying 2 to 3 times more for wrapping paper and boxes. 


You can save on paper by purchasing notebooks at a dollar store. You can carry around small or mini-notebooks with the to-do or grocery list. It can easily fit inside your pocket or purse. They’re nice to have on hand if you need to suddenly write something down or take notes for meetings. Even kids will like small notebooks for journaling or doodling. 

Reading glasses 

Eyesight becomes weak as people age and this makes it difficult to focus on close objects. A simple pair of reading glasses might be all that you need. The reading glasses found at dollar stores are as good as those that you’ll get in other stores. But, if you have trouble seeing at distance, you might want to schedule an eye exam. 

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Storage containers

Make your home and kitchen organized by getting storage containers. These containers will help you to get through the clutter. You can store these containers under the bed, in a closet, or in drawers. When shopping at a dollar store, you can purchase a lot of containers without thinking twice. These containers can be used to store clothes, craft supplies, toys and so much more. 

Tote bags

Tote bags always seem to disappear like socks and you’ll not find them when you need them. So, you can purchase a bunch of tote bags at a dollar discount store and make use of them instead of using plastic bags for carrying gym clothes, getting grocery items, and so on. 

Cleaning supplies

It is important to keep your house clean, especially after a party. You can buy cleaning sprays, sponges, and dish detergent from the dollar store. The cleaning products found at dollar stores are usually at par with other stores, but at a much better price. 

Pregnancy tests 

This might come as a surprise, but 99 cent pregnancy tests are just as good as the ones at a pharmacy. Dollar store tests are as accurate as name-brand tests. 

Cooking accessories 

Salt shakers, cheese graters, wine glasses, ice cream scoops, and more – you’ll find a wide section of cooking supplies at the dollar discount store. The supplies are usually a good buy at a good bargain price. However, avoid purchasing knives because they might not be of the best quality. 

When it comes to purchasing regular cookware supplies, it is a no-brainer to purchase from a dollar store. The items will work the same way as the cooking supplies you’ve got from other stores. 

To sum up, dollar stores are a great place to get some of the essentials of your life at amazingly cheap prices. The items mentioned above guarantee to give you the most bang for your buck. 

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