Craft Ideas To Inspire Kids Creativity


Are you looking for a boredom buster during the rainy season for your kids? Consider art projects for kids. Nothing like a good craft project!

The satisfaction one gets from building things from their hands from the comfort of the couch is unmatchable. Engaging in craft projects, kids won’t merely kill their time but there are added benefits to it. They are a relaxing method of expressing creativity and channeling emotions.

Also, cute craft ideas can be further be used for decoration and as toys, entertaining items, return gifts on and on. Craft items made by little one’s keep them occupied with something productive increases dexterity, creativity level, boost confidence and has a lot more to them.

Here, we have compiled a list of easy craft projects that your kids can easily make, are cost constraint, and require essentials that you might already have in your place or are easily available in the market.

Flower Petal Change Bowl

Kids like getting their hands messy, and building this fun flower-shaped dish out of oven-baked clay will enable them to do exactly that. For making this beautiful piece, just some baked clay, plastic beads are required and nothing extravagant!

Pom pom Bouquets

A great way to have flowers when they are out of season is through Pom pom bouquets. They can be made in various colors and sizes to resemble a real bouquet of flowers. It is so satisfying to transform the soft squishy puffs into flowers. Also, these are long-lasting than standard blooms. A few basic supplies needed to make these are yarn in diverse colors, floral wires, ribbons, piper cleaners, glue, and scissors. 

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Stitched Paper Cards

Kids love hanging cards on bulletin boards or gifting them to their friends. Also, the best part of these projects is that you get most of the things on hand. It is a fabulous way to use even really small scraps of patterned paper. To make it more beautiful, add some embellishments like buttons, sequins, stickers to jewels oe whatever you fancy. Apart from these, basic craft essentials are needed like scissors, adhesives, card stock, yarn, and some foam pads. 

Paper Roll Dragon Craft

Paper Roll Dragon Craft

Give creative freedom to your kids by letting them transform cardboard tubes into ferocious fire-breathing beasts. Add another fun creature built with toilet paper roll crafts and make dragons. A few simple craft supplies that you need to come up with are pom-pom, tissue papers and, toilet paper. These papercraft for kids are ideal to go with the study of knights and castles or a fairytale.

Paper plate Dream Catchers

Make your kids catch their dreams every night with easily made paper plate dream catchers. These are beautiful pieces of wall art that when placed correctly will also enhance the overall look of a wall. Things required to make this are sequins, paper plates, and beads, etc

Cute paper Rainbow

Help your kids master the art of making a super cute paper rainbow. This adorable craft project helps little ones to learn cutting skills while concurrently helping them recognize the colors of the rainbow. Also, this is easy-peasy and extremely fun. Some colored construction papers, google eyes, and glue sticks are all you need to make this.


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