DIY Craft Ideas Using Dollar Discount Store Items

Do you enjoy finding inexpensive craft items at a dollar discount store? Dollar stores are popping up like wildfire in the USA and today, there are more dollar stores than Starbucks or McDonald’s. 

So, if you are interested in DIY craft projects, know that you’ll never run out of supplies. You can get art and craft supplies to get creative and make home décor items or gifts. 

You’ll particularly love the DIY craft ideas shared below if you’re on a budget, but have a keen liking towards the finest things that life has to offer. Check out the following ideas to quickly start your next project.

1. Transforming mason jars into lovely vases

Mason jars are used in homes for various purposes. Once the contents of the jar have been emptied, you’ll be left with a perfectly good item that can be repurposed. 

The mason jar can be transformed into lovely-looking vases with only some spray paint and painter’s tape. You can create beautiful designs and patterns on the jar to make the vase appear extra special. 

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2. Repurposing empty tins to use as mental planters

There’s no need to fret when you want to create a small home garden. You must have empty tins lying around in the house. Even popcorn tips will do the trick. 

You can get paint from a dollar store near you and other painting supplies that you require to get creative. You can splash color on the tin or paint gorgeous designs and use it as a galvanized planter. Grow your favorite vegetables or herbs. 

You can also cut out a hole in the tin, pass sturdy strings and hang the tin on your windowsill to enhance the exterior appeal of your home. 

3. Tablet holder using a cutting board 

This is a creative and fantastic idea. Imagine that you are in the kitchen and need to look at the recipe on your tablet. It can get complicated if the tablet doesn’t come with a stand. 

You can make a stand from your tablet by using a cutting board from a dollar store. You can also decorate the stand using paper flowers, glitter, spray paint, beads, or other cute arts and craft items online

The tablet holder will not just be functional, but also look great. 

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4. DIY Customized plates

It can be expensive to buy customized or festive plates. If you don’t wish to pay extra for plates, you can make beautiful-looking plates yourself. 

You can get plain, white dishes from your nearby dollar store, get colorful markers and start decorating the plates. You can keep it simple by writing your favorite song lyrics on the plate or you can draw any design that has caught your fancy. 

You can make your plates look festive without spending a lot of money. 

5. Rubber wall art using welcome mats

If there’s a bare wall in your home that needs a touch of art, you can consider transforming your rubber mat into wall art. Instead of getting pricey pieces of wall art, simply paint the rubber welcome mat and hang it on the wall. 

It appears decorative and can make your bare wall appear stylish. 

6. Create a dresser mirror using gems;

If you have an old mirror that you wish to keep around, but it seems to be outdated, you can upgrade it thanks to dollar store items. 

Head to your nearby dollar store and get colorful gems or single-colored gems. The gems can be used to decorate the mirror. Keep the middle portion of the mirror free and showcase your creativity on the sides of the mirror. 

7. Dry erase creative calendar

Want to organize your life? Here’s an easy and fun way to do so. You have to find cheap picture frames which you will get at your nearby dollar store or you can purchase online. 

Then, you can organize the frames creatively according to the design that you have in mind. Get a market so that you can write all the things that you need to do or put down your life goals. You can even apply decorative touches. 

Hang up the calendar on the wall and stay organized. 

Wrapping up

Hopefully, this is going to give you ample ideas to add some decorative craft to your home décor. All the supplies can be sourced from the dollar discount store so it doesn’t break your bank.