Easy Wood craft Projects for kids

Few things are as fun yet rewarding, as completing an entire art project with your kids. Art and craft projects help children enhance their imagination and creativity whereas parents get enough time to spend with their kids performing something productive and positive.

Speaking of wood projects, it is for people of all ages, it tackles everyone’s skill level. All you need is a few decorative wood pieces and a little prep to get started.

Here are some of the easiest and woodworking projects for kids:

Wooden blocks made from an old tree

Kids can get some experience with wood as a matter in this easy wood project. Children generally are found playing with wood blocks that they have put in their effort in and, chopped, sanded, and waxed to be pretty rewarding.

Spiderweb craft

You can make spider web geoboards with the help of some nails, colorful string, and some woodcraft supplies. These look beautiful and kids love to indulge in such funky projects. 

Bird feeders

Children will love to build bird-friendly bird feeders to attract diverse grain-eaters to their balconies and yards. To create a birdfeeder, some real tools and unfinished wood boards for crafts would be required. This is another great craft activity that parents can help their kids to come up with. 

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DIY wooden texture stamps

Kids love colors and what better than helping them make wooden texture stamps. Working together, kids and parents can utilize diverse things and make beautifully textured wood art pieces. 

Homemade pinball machines

Homemade pinball machines

Real tools and supplies, along with some marbles, enable kids to create a homemade pinball machine. A fabulous mixture of tinkering and hands-on activity for the kids.

Wooden birdhouse

DIY birdhouses are beautiful and look super-cute if made perfectly. It is a great starter for woodworking projects, especially for kids. Kids with little help and guidance from their parents can build houses for their feathered friends.

A ladder

With unfinished wood boards for crafts, there are limitless options! How about making a ladder for the fairy houses in the yard? Isn’t it a fun idea? Also, this woodwork project is pretty easy. All you need to make it fancier is to add a little paint and voila!

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Candy dispenser

It isn’t always necessary that kids will have to make something funky, they can put in their effort and make something productive and useful for homes too. For say, a candy dispenser or a serving tray for the kitchen counter. A mason jar for making this is ideal.

Pencil Box

Pencil box another productive yet woodwork project idea for kids. Measuring the pencil size before making it is advisable. Also, nothing extravagant tools or materials are required to make this. This will help them store pencils and keeps things in order.

Video game control holster

Video game control holster

Name a kid who doesn’t love their video game or PlayStations? All kids love their PlayStations and video games and love adding to their experience by building a holster for their control. 


How about helping your kids make a wand for themselves with some principal build stick puppets and some hobby lobby blank wood signs? Believe me, it’s just the right idea and your kids are going to love it! These woodwork craft ideas are perfect for a rainy-day afternoon to keep kids engrossed in an activity that’s fun and fruitful. 

Monster truck

Children and particularly boys to a certain age love to play with monster trucks and they also find it fascinating to make a toy that they alive all by themselves. Monster trucks are easy to design and can be made quickly.

Storage box

Storage boxes like outdoor crates and pencil boxes are great woodwork project ideas for parents to keep their kids occupied. The storage boxes can further help in storing a number of kid stuff and toys.