DIY Dolls Your Kids Will Love

Kids enjoy playing with any doll and having fun with it, but the thrill of making a doll for their child is far more exciting.

Whatever type of doll you choose for your child, they will be filled with love and could become heirlooms in the future.

Make your doll with these adorable DIY ideas!

Felt Linking Dolls

Dolls can sometimes be decorative! Felt girls make adorable chain-like toys, but if your child would rather play with each one independently, you can make them individually too.

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Wool And Cotton Dolls

You can totally make these dolls as long as you know how to use a sewing machine! You may choose any color for their eyes, hair, or skin. Do you think your child would appreciate a doll made of wool? Tutorials are available to help you learn how it works.

Whimsical Rag Dolls

They might not be your classic Raggedy Anne dolls, but they are still absolutely adorable! Kids will love the hair bows as well as pattern dresses. Like a typical rag DIY baby doll, these dolls are also floppy and soft.

Softie Dolls

Sewn from fabric or felt, this lovely plush doll is the perfect companion! If you aren't experienced at sewing, some easy tutorials and videos will guide you through every step of the process.

Yarn Dolls

Your kids will love these little yarn dolls, which are reminiscent of toys from centuries ago. Want to know how to make a yarn doll? Check videos. Furthermore, they're a great way to utilize leftover yarn and fabric.

Mini Dolls With Wire

Do you think your child would prefer a doll they can pose to a floppy rag doll? You can then get creative with wire! There are various ways to make wire dolls, including dressing them up in cute little outfits.

DIY Mermaid Dolls

DIY Mermaid Dolls

Would you like to make your own doll but need a little extra guidance? You can make these dolls by watching online videos! Everything you need is available at dollar stores, and you assemble it yourself.

Wooden Doll Kits

Perhaps you liked the idea of making your own doll by following a kit, but a plush doll isn't your style? Check out these wooden doll kits featured on videos! Customize them however you like according to the instructions in the kit.

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Nesting Dolls DIY

Are you hoping to make your kids a doll that will occupy them a little longer than what their imagination can create? Imagine making a doll that can do many things! Kids will love stacking and unstacking adorable painted nesting dolls that you can make from YouTube tutorials.

DIY Flower Fairy Dolls

Time to make fabric dolls for toddlers. Do your kids love whimsical fairies and magical flower sprites? Experienced DIYers show you how to make your very own flower fairy doll, complete with a flower petal skirt!

Printed Fabric Dolls

The little ones will enjoy playing with a doll that's almost the same size as them! Dollar stores offer printed fabric with doll-like details, ready for you to add your nurturing touch.

Corn Husk Dolls

Corn Husk Dolls

If you like the idea of crocheting a doll, you'll certainly enjoy making a corn husk doll with your child as well. You can create a friend out of natural materials like corn husks, just like Laura Ingalls Wilder from the classic book series Little House on the Prairies did as a child.

Dress Up Dolls

You don't have to make your dolls look like professional toys made in a factory. Your kids will love any creative trinket you make for them (and they might even like the unconventional ones more).

Make little dolls out of old clothes pegs by giving them faces and yarn hair. Create outfits to adhere to Velcro by drawing and laminating them.

 Finally, there are numerous DIY dolls kids can make with your help. The best part is you can make these with affordable supplies.

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